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If we ever separated, the chances of me marrying a man again are slim simply because its pretty rare (though not impossible) for me to be attracted to a man. To complicate things even further, my marriage is totally open. I currently dating a woman and its hard for me to reconcile how I can love fucking her AND be married to a dude. Rachel says, Avonlea must keep up with the procession, that’s what.’ But somehow I feel as if I didn’t want Avonlea spoiled by what Mr. Harrison, when he wants to be witty, calls modern inconveniences.’ I should like to have it kept always just as it was in the dear old years. That’s foolish and sentimental and impossible. Or let me put it this way, you can get a major scale by stacking 6 perfect fifths on top of each other. Starting on F, for instance, we get F C G D A E B. We “close” our circle off by putting an uneven 5th (a diminished one), which takes us from B back to F. I use powder foundation every day! I usually use concealer under my eyes and on any blemishes and then go in with a powder foundation on top. It looks less heavy and wears better than almost any liquid foundation I found, plus it much faster which is nice when I crunched for time in the mornings. My two go to ones are the MAC Studio Fix powder foundation and Laura Geller Balance and Brighten. Now I only interested in having as few products as possible but having them be HG items. This 단양출장안마 past Sephora sale I focused on repurchasing the items I used up and I couldn be happier about it. I don think I bought anything during this ongoing Ulta sale other than repurchasing my eyeliner and setting spray.. Like maybe it a stress relief thing, I can maybe get that. But I just don see what gained by making the posts you know? When I left my last 2 jobs I didnt have to bitch about it, some jobs really do suck. At least this one had some positive reaffirmation, but some of the others I seen are like horrible, like “get out while you can.” Like the silliest shit.. Though half way through the year I snuck on body spray. I could wear jeans the last Friday of every month. Some of the baby boomer women would want to “help me” dress less feminine. But it works for them. Unless something is like BAD say like using rubbing alcohol do what works for YOU. I use coconut oil. Highlighters: I know Lunch Money (everyday wear) and/or Flexitarian (blinding) are the bestsellers for pale skintones. (Although I never used them myself since I brown.) Luxe lipsticks: They great bullet lipsticks for the price! I suggest picking some up if you find shades you like, especially since they cheaper than Maybelline lipsticks at Priceline. I own Lay Over, a rosey nude shade (and am actually getting shades Maxed Out and LA Lady soon).. Says she doesn do sponsorships because although the money is good, there are lists of requirements/restrictions (can mention certain competitors, use certain words, etc.) and she doesn feel uncomfortable. Claims she has only ever done one sponsorship, that her money has been from views/affiliate codes/commissions/collabs. (Haven watched her long enough to comment on that but it crazy to think she been so successful without sponsorships!). I think dominance is more about attitude, ultimately. My attitude as a dominant woman is that I am going to get my orgasm, I going to decide the pace and the tone, and I going to objectify the hell out of my partner and remind him a lot how beautiful he is, how good he sounds, and that he such a good boy for me. I think a lot of men get so excited about female dominance not just because of the less 단양출장안마 physical work aspect but because it makes them feel desired.